Product Search

We search for and identify products and suppliers according to their specifications, characteristics, and needs. We carry out a real market study on the products you need, we don’t just find a supplier in China for you.

In this way, we can provide you with information on prices, product lines, quality controls, payment methods, or manufacturing time.

Finding the right provider is not as straightforward as it sounds. Sometimes the supplier is not a factory but a third party, incurring additional costs. Sometimes the promised qualities have little to do with the real ones. The added value we offer is our physical presence to verify the existence of these providers and their suitability. We know the market and ensure that products are manufactured under previously agreed quality standards to avoid problems, misunderstandings, and ensure the success of the project.

The search for the manufacturer goes beyond contacting him. We make sure of its reliability, investigating its working methods, infrastructure, and manufacturing capacity. We also verify the legality of the company by checking its commercial and export licenses, among other documents.

Organization and search process:

  1. Search for suppliers.
  2. Validation of supplier quality records and certifications.
  3. Initial price search, order samples, and selection of qualified suppliers.
  4. Negotiation of minimum purchase quantities.
  5. Brand development (if applicable).
  6. Shipments of samples for quality verification by the buyer.
  7. Initial price negotiation.
  8. Final supplier choice.
  9. Sales agreement, signing of the purchase contract.

To search for products and suppliers, you will need to provide us with the specifications and purchase quantities of your products.