Representation at Fairs

Do you want to attend Canton Fair or some other sector fair but cannot travel? We attend for you.

China concentrates a large part of the most important fairs in the world. If you cannot travel and attend the fairs, we assist you to value all that the fairs can provide, generating significant savings for your company in time, air travel, hotels, visas, and per diem.

  • Novelties information: Fairs allow you to attend live demonstrations and presentations of new products or services.
  • Pre-selection of suitable suppliers: according to the interests of your company.
  • Direct meeting with suppliers: With those who already work, to solve problems and discuss needs with commercial or technical personnel.
  • Knowledge of industry trends: Our experience allows us to know what’s new in all aspects.
  • Report Presentation: With the conclusions of the event, both on the required products and on the participating suppliers, that may be of interest to your company.