Business Trips

Get to know your suppliers and products closely, we organize your business trip to China offering you a coordinated agenda with suppliers, we support you from the airport reception, translators and business plan; These are some of the assistance we offer during your stay.

Budget: We prepare a document detailing the expenses, including unforeseen expenses. Our extensive experience in the field allows us to accurately predict the various costs and allowances in the country.

Business agenda: We coordinate the dates and times of the visit and manage the pertinent trips according to the factories, suppliers or the different fairs that you are interested in visiting, as well as the leisure and tourism times, optimizing your stay in the country.

Hotel Reservation: We reserve hotels, airfare, train and pick you up from the airport. Many of these reservations involve knowledge of either the language or the geographical situation, which is why it is often very difficult for the client to do it without help.

Meeting: Prior to your visit, we met with you via videoconference to clarify all doubts regarding your trip and give you the pertinent advice so that your foray into China is a satisfactory experience.

Accompaniment and Advice: A member of the company will be with you at all times, guiding you during the development and fulfillment of your agenda. Our experience in the Chinese business culture allows us to offer you support in negotiations looking after the interests of your business.

Translation: We have local interpreters who will help you at all times, thus avoiding communication problems.