Sadich Connection

We are a company specialized in trading and marketing services based in China. Think of us as your Specialized Purchasing Department in Southeast Asia.
We know their customs, culture and languages, aware of the obstacles posed by business differences between the West and the East.

We look for the product and / or supplier that your company needs, providing you with the commercial advice and intermediations necessary for you to successfully incorporate products from China.
We track your orders, supervising their production, quality and logistics.

Our goal is to optimize our clients’ investment, generating savings, but without losing sight of quality, and ensuring that we will always defend their interests. We have more than 10 years of experience in supplier management and development in China.

Our team has top-level executives in Argentina, China and Hong Kong, with proficiency in Spanish, English and Chinese. We put at your disposal our extensive experience and training in different professional areas, such as International Business, Purchasing, Marketing, Legal, Engineering and Quality.

We want to be your connection in China.