Order Control

Checking the quality of the merchandise before shipping to your destination is essential if we want to avoid surprises. We verify that all the parameters required by the client are met. We do not release any products until they are checked. We are your eyes in the production process.

In the event of any incident being detected, the customer will be informed immediately to avoid shipping merchandise in poor condition. For this we can apply different types of inspection:

  • Inspection during the manufacturing process: it consists of inspecting the production batch when the first units are being manufactured and thus being able to resolve possible failures in this phase. This inspection is recommended for first orders or when modifications have been made to standard products.
  • Pre-shipment inspection: consists of the inspection of the production batch before being loaded into the container. In this case, a random sample of the products is inspected, marked by the levels indicated by the regulations (AQL – Acceptable Quality Level).

With this service you will filter possible production errors or missing parts before shipment, ensure you receive what you expect.